North Dakota Oil Rig Jobs

Oil rig jobs are on the rise in North Dakota.  Still, it is not quite as easy to get hired on as you may think. Some people are passing around stories of getting hired immediately, and beginning their employment the very next day - not true, at least not any more.

I have to disclose the following - you may NOT be able to get work straightaway.  Most of the oil companies are going to have you wait about seven to ten days, before they process your application and call you.  So know that.  Also, it is a great place to get a job if you have special skills or previous experience. 

But if you're very young or just starting out, you may have to drive truck.  For that, you need your CDL.  Do not assume that the company will pay for your training to get your CDL.  In many cases, they will not. 

One alternative for a young person is to consider the 

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Note:  Wherever you work, you will have to pass a lengthy physical. This may include a lung test, an ear and eye exam, and also can include a test of general physical conditioning (weight lifting, jump rope etc.) .

I am not wanting to discourage you - many of you will be able to score a job - as long as you know what is in store for you, you'll be armed and "prepared".

Proper certifications:  First Aid Certification, Defensive Driving Training and more 

Vital Tips

  • Be prepared to move
  • Be Prepared  to Prove You can Do the Work
  • Williston Herald Newspaper - Get a subscription
  • Demonstrate verifiable information on your application.
  • Have the following
    1. A good attitude and a willingness to work long hours
    2. Check on necessary certifications (safety e.g.)
  • Plan to sleep in your camper or truck while you await an answer
  • Call to see where you can put your truck/camper - make a deposit as necessary
  • Don't call employers- You'll be told in no uncertain terms that only people already here in ND are being hired
  • It will take 7-10 days to process your application.  You WILL need to arrange a place to stay while you wait

As you can see, you need to be ready with a place to stay (at least a campground) when you come up here.  You'll have to pass a physical and also get a background check - this is a full and complete criminal background check

Here's an example of some of the jobs you might expect to get in the oil and gas industry of western North Dakota:
  • Truck driver
  • Cement worker
  • Electrician
  • Carpenter
  • Cook
Many have heard about oil rig jobs in or near Williston, North Dakota. The reason for so many new job openings - new extraction technologies. Yes, because of the extraction technology called "fracking",  there are jobs aplenty.  Ready to explore jobs?
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